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Dale Carnegie’s Corporate Solutions Assessments focus on consolidating valuable data that assist our clients in making business decicions about corporate strategy, talent development, and hiring/promoting decisions. These tools provide opportunities to analyze the existing workplace environment and develop action plans for effectively applying the knowledge to maximize employee engagement and performance.

Assessment Categories


The purpose of these assessments is to assess the cultural health of an organization and to identify opportunities for a company to improve the engagement level of its team members. Examples of Organizational Assessments are the Dale Carnegie Engagement Assessment, Perspectives Assessment, DCT Impact LTSI Assessment, Focus Groups, and the Dale Carnegie “Business Improvement Discussion.”

The results of these assessments provide an executive with data that allows them to make decisions on next steps to maximize organizational performance.  Dale Carnegie Training will provide guidance and recommendations for the client based on the data gathered.



The purpose of these assessments is to measure the impact of a training solutions that is implemented. These include Insights 360 Assessments, Innovation Projects, and ROI Projects. When a client invests in training its team members, Training Assessments provide the client with a tool that can be used to measure effectiveness of the training, based on specific metrics that are identified ahead of time as key performance indicators.



The purpose of these assessments is to assist our clients in the hiring and promoting process. These include Profiles Assessements (XT, Checkpoint 360, etc.). Quite often, hiring and promoting decistions are made based on manager gut and other subjective factors.  With Talent Assessments, benchmarks can be set so that when a decision has to be made, the manager has an objective tool that can be used to complement the subjective factors.

This is an ongoing service we can provide to clients that are experiencing rapid growth and want to minimize employee turnover.  


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